Getting Your Will Right!

To write a testament is far easier than most people think.

How the will be designed or whatever you write is not regulated. It is only certain requirements to the witnesses and the form that must be in place.

The main purpose of a testament is to decide what should happen with your values the day you die. You do not have a testament is the inheritance law that determines what should happen with your values the day you die. But it’s not always the law will share your values as you would like or that you think is most just the day you die. And this is where the will comes in-then it is you who decides who will take over your values. You can bequeath your lottery ticket away the entire inheritance to a particular person, a specific article to a certain person or a share (percentage) of what you leave behind you to different people.

For that to be valid, your must will the following points must be fulfilled when you create your testament:

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  • You must be of legal age, that is, over 18 years.
  • 2 witnesses can sign that you are at the full “stupor”. With the full sense and collection will mean that the will should be demonstrably the result of reasonable considerations and that the testator (the one who writes it) understand what he or she does.
  • The witnesses must be over 18 years of age.
  • The witnesses must sign while both the second testator and the witness is present.
  • The witnesses need to know that there is a testament, but they do not know the contents of the will.
  • The witnesses or vitnenes family (Kin) must not be tilgodesett in the will.
  • The witnesses must not have the service relationship with a person or institution/organization that is tilgodesett in the will.
  • It can in the will is determined that the legacy is going to be the recipient’s separate property.
  • It should be what is going to happen if a dies before the testator testaments heir.
  • The date for the signing. The will should have the date. If there are several Testaments with conflicting content, the last testament is added to reason. If there is no contradiction between the several wills, applies the provisions of all. If you have created a testament earlier and write new testament, you should write clear that earlier testament be revoked if there is only the past that should apply.
  • Your signature. If you are not in the physical condition to sign yourself, it can be done with a so-called “a tight fist pen”. It implies that someone helps you placing a hand where the letters p should be entered on the m.p. behind your name, by appending the m.p. p gives one expression of that signature was not intended as a fake, but that the situation required that it was done this way.

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